While social distancing has curbed traditional corporate events,
online platforms have lacked what makes events eventful.

It’s time to reinvent “Attend”

Authentric is developing a combination service/technology
approach aimed at reinventing the online event experience.

Not another SaaS platform or video streaming service,
Authentric is producing events modeled on your event objectives.

A new event methodology

Attending a live event is an experience. A participation
engagement relationship between industries and their audience.
Creating that experience online is what we are about.

Making connections and creating impact does not need to be
limited by proximity. It’s about attendees experiencing your story.

A new engagement opportunity

Authentric produces online events that bring branding,
production value, sponsorship exposure, vendor engagement
and authentic networking fluidity back to event attendance.

  • Highly curated event experiences
  • Event planning tailored to online advantages
  • Media-rich presentation integration
  • Attendee representation involvement
  • Social and business networking dynamics

Experience the difference

Tell us about your event. We’ll show you how Authentric can bring it to life.