About Authentric

Authentric was founded in 2020 in the midst of all of the life altering transitions caused by the covid pandemic.  After witnessing the shift of in-person events to online, we thought to ourselves, “Wow, many of these ‘virtual’ events are terrible!”  We knew we could do better, much better.

Zoom and many of the related online meeting tools proved to be an evolutionary (and in many cases business saving) way of conducting relatively short meetings in a new and productive way.  However, when it came to moving a conference, trade show, users group gathering, or similar event online … well, that was an enormous challenge that often missed the mark.

We knew there had to be a better way, and we sought to Reinvent Attend.

Based in beautiful Colorado and led by seasoned entrepreneurs from the design, media production, and teleconferencing industries, Authentric is dedicated to being customer focused, technology experts without being beholden to any single technology, and most importantly, producing events that deliver real value, both to those hosting events and those attending.

The Authentric Team

C. J. Whelan

Having started numerous successful businesses in telecommunications and software, C.J. is a serial entrepreneur and self-described nerd.  As co-founder of Adigo teleconferencing, C.J. helped build a boutique telecom services company laser focused on reliability and unsurpassed customer service.  C.J.’s experience is grounded in knowing where the tools for remote meetings and communications excel and where their limits are.  Always curious and a life-long tinker, C.J. holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and Management Science from M.I.T.  When not trying to reinvent online meetings, C.J. can be found bicycling, skiing, or geeking-out over classic cars.

Matt Faye
Chief Creative Director

Matt has over 30 years of experience in design, marketing, identity, media production, and directing creative teams.  With a traditional graphic design and marketing background, Matt’s focus on creative technical visual communications is a reflection of 22 years spent working specifically for software, pharma, and biomedical communications that solidified his passion for finding creative solutions for technical challenges.  Matt has a love for effective storytelling, design, product and event identity, as well as a deep curiosity for understanding how things work.

 Kyle Hanley
Chief Operating Officer

Having led many AAA-quality interactive media projects for Disney Parks and Resorts, NBC Universal, and Electronic Arts, Kyle brings an inventive and customer-centric focus to Authentric’s events.  Kyle and his team partners with Authentric’s clients to identify business objectives, select and deliver appropriate event features, and provide outstanding customer support from concept kickoff through closing remarks.  Klye hold a degree in Management Science from M.I.T.  

Authentric, LLC

Corporate Office

Centennial, Colorado  /  (720) 864-1217