A word about this Demo

Hello Semantic Arts Team,

The following demo was built to demonstrate the concept of holding a virtual event within a dedicated event-themed website.

The site uses a WordPress installation and the meeting functionality uses an open source conferencing application called Jitsi. https://jitsi.org/ , but could use integrated zoom meetings in the same manor. For conference communications, we will use Slack plug-ins that will reflect a channel set up specifically for this event (Slack is not yet set up in this demo).   

We have minimized the orientation page to only a few instructions, but could expand this to include other attendee set-ups as features are developed. We also can imagine creating a non-password protected DCAF home page or set of pages (not part of this demo) for the site in addition to the DCAF info page on semanticarts.com. The home page would act as event description, promotion, registration information, and could include event speaker topics, speaker information, and registration information. You would have access to the entire site and could make any additions or edits at any time as you develop the event.   

The event theme design, color choices, menu features, and functionality are very flexible. We think the DCAF identity we created for this demo works nicely, but we would be happy to explore alternatives. The content is wildly presumptuous with lots of greek text. Its only purpose is to illustrate what kind of features and experience a dedicated event site can offer. Actual content would reflect the development of event topics and decisions your team makes.

Looking forward to discussing you’r feedback and questions in the Event Hall. See you there.


The Data Centric Architecture Forum Demo

Ready to go?

The following page represents the first page attendees arrive at on or before the event.