Budget & Pricing Guide

We get it.  You don’t have an unlimited budget for your event, and you really need to know how much this will cost.  That’s why we know that the answer, “It depends” is going to be frustrating.  However, the answer really is, it depends.  Give us just a few moments of your time to explain (and in any case this will help you better compare services):

What it takes to host and produce your event, by anyone, is going to depend on the following questions:

  • How many people will be attending?
  • How long is it going to be?
  • Is it free, or will you be charging admission?  And if charging, will you be doing that yourself, or do you need registration and payment services?
  • Do you already have a brand, message, and theme established for your event?
  • Do your participants expect to not only be presented to, but actually interact and “attend”?
  • Will you have sponsors?
  • Will there be “vendor booths” or something like a showroom floor?
  • How much experience do your presenters have in giving their presentations to a virtual, online audience?
  • and more …

Our typical packages start at $5,000 for the use of our platform and to host an event of up to approximately 250 participants.

Add in the creative design, production, and user support services that are typical for most events, and the all-in total tends to be $7,500 to $10,000.

Depending on the scope and unique needs of your event, additional costs for customized configurations, additional production support, and feature enhancements should be part of your event budget.

More participants does not necessarily mean a proportionate increase in cost.

Yes, more participants will cost more, but for example, a doubling in size may not double the cost.  All other things being equal, an Authentric event with 1,000 participants will typically cost about $1,000 to $2,000 more than an event with 250.

As you comparison shop, be sure you are comparing apples-to-apples. 

Many online events companies tout a “one price” package but behind the scenes it is probably lacking many of the services you need for a stellar event, especially on the human side.  You will not find many providers that include real humans providing event design and real-time customer support on the day of your event in their package price.

Below is an example order summary of a typical Authentric 2 to 3 day event with up to 250 participants:

Cost Example for Authentric Produced Online Event

Choosing a Venue & Support Team For Your Event

Choosing a venue (event platform) and/or service provider (event producer) can be challenging if you are unfamiliar with the process or difference between vendors. There are two major differences between Authentric and most event platform solutions (SaaS solutions), and it’s important to understand the difference.

Difference No. 1 — Fully Customized Event Venue Sites

Authentric is not a do-it-yourself software-as-a solution online platform. We design, configure, and host unique, customized event sites specific to the needs of your event.  Each event site has its own unique URL and is designed and branded top to bottom to reflect the theme and charter of your event.  Configuration options combined with our experienced design team’s creative approach mean your event will look and feel like no other.  Customized design and configuration also means unique solutions for showcasing sponsors, creating attendee chosen and event sequence driven media experiences, and event halls that are rich with your branding, messaging, products, and promotions.

Difference No. 2 — Event Production Services

Authentric is not just a technology platform or website rental. We are a team of full-service online event production professionals, designers, video producers, streaming video mixers, customer service personnel, event planners, and project managers.  Our objective is not the price-per-day sale of our server capacity, but the success of your event.  To the extent of your needs, Authentric prides itself on being a part of your team to deliver your best possible online event.

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