What makes an event Authentric?

Calling an event “virtual” is admitting defeat from the start. An Authentric event is very real. There are no 3-D desks or avatars roaming virtual hallways. We don’t fake it. We start with the assumption that a live atmosphere, rich content, attendee involvement, and a venue environment that supports a dynamic involvement and exchange is what makes an event – even if the event venue happens to be a computer screen. It’s not technology, but an experience created by design.

We start with event planning. Every feature and configuration is born from the unique objectives of your event.

Creating an Authentric On-line Event

Creating an on-line event that is truly engaging for attendees means planning and designing the experience from end-to-end.  Authentric Events collaborates with your team to ensure all elements add up to the end result, an event that attendees feel like they’ve not just watched, but attended.

Event Planning

  • Collaboration with your team, speakers, content and media producers to craft an event plan tailored to your objectives.
  • Event plans that aim for traditional event dynamics with an understanding of on-line event dynamics.
  • Event-themed promotion and marking solutions

Preproduction Production

  • value-focused for brand impact and maximum attendee impression.
  • Event identity, branding, customized site graphics and rich video and animation media.
  • Content value prioritized presentation design and sponsorship visibility.

Deadicated Event Venue

  • Not a SaaS, but a dedicated event venue site built specifically for your event that can accommodate pre and post event activities.
  • A full-screen experience with every presentation, resource, application, and meetings in one environment.
  • Vendor rooms with live video conferencing and downloadable digital resources.
  • Not “white labeled” templates, but custom configurations and fully branded environments.

Production and Logistics

  • Dedicated event producers, streaming video mixers, and logistics coordinators throughout your event.
  • Coordinated and combined technology service providers for a universal and seamless experience.
  • Attendee communications, participant tutorials, feature awareness and event agenda logistics.
  • Technical support for hosts, speakers and attendees.

An Event Solution That Must Be Experienced

What makes and Authentric event eventful can not be outlined in a feature list or hypothetical comparison essay — it must be experienced. The impact of a full-screen, seamless, fully branded and media-rich environment, where attendees are fee to move about the venue, make choices, chat freely without scheduling meetings, network, visit vendors, attend presentations, ask questions in breakout sessions, and fully feel the vibe of being in attendance is something that must be seen and felt. An event is not a website, its a living and breathing experience. Let us show you.

Yes, take me on the tour.

Schedule a tour of a real event venue. We know you will start to imagine the possibilities for your event.